Rædwulf – Short Verse

In an effort to post more than a few sentences, I present a short piece of verse I wrote a while back in response to some facebook comment. It was meant to be the start of a longer piece, but time is scarce. It’s not exceedingly poetic. The “weekly” entry is later in the post.

Leoðcræftig    ac leas rotnesse
se gleomann    gnornsorge
on rowe besang.    Rædwulf
modwlancne    ac meodufulne
mon fand wætende    weod abutan ðam huse,
hycgende hæstingan.    Hlaford gefylled,
eorlas bugon,    his earfoðe greow,
doc to rice,    rinc to drence,
la, breostlocan    beaducwealm,
wiges gifu.


Hwæt Gelamp on Londum

Ic eode aweg fram ðissum beorgum, and leng ðonne wuca gan wæs. Ic forðam ne wisse soðlice ðæt her gelamp. Ac nu, se snaw sweðrað, and mon regnes ræd gehyran mæg.

Neah Anglabyrig, feor fram minum beorgum, byð gryre-bealu, ðær eorðlyft gyt forð to ðreatienne ðara burgwarena hæle. We seoð hwæt synne hit wyrce on ðam selfan londe, and on lyfte.


Anglaburg f. gds. -byrig, Los Angeles

eorðlyft sf. Natural gas; gecyndelicu lyft, or  gecyndelic rec are other alternatives.


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