The best way to learn a thing is by doing it, right? To practice Old English, I’m going to make more or less frequent posts in the language. I’ll write a little about what goes on in the small towns that sit in the foothills and mountains of my home in Southern California. It will mostly be written in Old English.

Of course, I’ll post other things as well. Translations, exercises, my thoughts on all things Old English, and maybe I’ll eventually finish a map of my area with all the place names and features in Old English. Eventually.

At the end of most entries, I’ll try to include a list of words that I’ve coined or that I think would be good to include. Words for modern things will likely be included in the word lists. I’ll do my best to store them all in the Wordhoard page for reference and critique.

Wese ge hale, and wilcume. Thanks for visiting.


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