Snow Day Divination (COER)

I'm snowed in today, so let's read something. I remembered a dream this morning. Instead of letting it fade away and be forgotten, I thought I'd do a little experiment. I'm going to dry to divine my future using an Old English divinatory alphabet that is included in Marsden's 'The Cambridge Old English Reader'. (p. … Continue reading Snow Day Divination (COER)


COER – The Crucifixion

You're in for some especially feel-good reading in this post. So grab a coffee and put on some Handel, we're going to read about the crucifixion of Christ. We've started going through Marsden's "The Cambridge Old English Reader" (COER) in a Facebook group that I'm a part of. Last chapter was the chapter on Noah … Continue reading COER – The Crucifixion