Old English Core Vocabulary

I’ve converted Christine Rauer’s list of Old English Core Vocabulary to pdf. It’s a good wordlist that every Old English reader should learn. It can also be handy when writing in Old English. You can get my pdf version here: Old English Core Vocabulary

I’ve also tried to mark palatalized Cs and Gs in another version, which you can get here: Old English Core Vocab with Dotted C and G. Of course, there is at least one mistake somewhere. I didn’t mark sc or cg for palatalization because I’m lazy, and in most situations they’re palatalized anyway.

Min Wordhord

Here are some words that I use on this blog.

ælféa sm. The Elbe Eormenredes Gesliht

aréna wm. Arena; an arena where gladiators fight Eormenredes Gesliht

arizóna wm. Arizona 15 – 21 Nov 2015

cáser sm. Caesar; the emperor of Rome, Kaiser Eormenredes Gesliht

cederbéam m. ‘cedar tree’ 8 – 13 Nov 2015

ciwáwa m. ‘chihuahua’ (ciwawa-hund, ciwāwa) 8 – 13 Nov 2015

cúcniht sm. cowboy 17 – 23 Apr 2016

cúmægð sf. cowgirl  17 – 23 Apr 2016

cúmann sm. ‘cow-person’ 17 – 23 Apr 2016

cýðð, cȳððu f. kinship, relationship; ‘kith,’ fellow-countrymen, neighbors; gecýðð native land, home Forespræc

déadcnuca wm. Tommyknocker Deadcnucan

éac adv. also, and, likewise; éac hwæðre however, nevertheless Forespræc

fyrgen-cranic m. – ‘mountain chronicle’ Forespræc

fýr-geréfa m. firefighter, fire chief; pl. fire department 8 – 13 Nov 2015

fér-pleoh n. gs. fýrpléos ‘fire-hazard’ 8 – 13 Nov 2015

fýr-týd f. ‘fire season’, the summer and parts of spring and fall when the risk of wildfire is highest 8 – 13 Nov 2015

germánie wf. the Roman province of Germania; modern-day Germany Eormenredes Gesliht

gladiátor sm. Gladiator Eormenredes Gesliht

heretoga wm. General (of an army) Eormenredes Gesliht

hwæsingatún sm. Washington 15 – 21 Nov 2015

seo islámisce cynewise wf. The Islamic State, ISIS (I haven’t tried to translate ‘daesh’ yet) 15 – 21 Nov 2015

lárgyld sn. university or college; lárgyld-leornestre wf. female college student 15 – 21 Nov 2015

legie wf. A (Roman) Legion Eormenredes Gesliht

méd sf. ‘meed’, reward, pay, price, compensation, bribe; here a tip; ‘m. gifan’ to leave a tip (to a waiter, etc), to tip 15 – 21 Nov 2015

nigelsona wíc npl. the name of a town 8 – 13 Nov 2015

óra wm. a mine Deadcnucan

ponderósa wm. or f. pl. Ponderosa, a (very) small town; also hefighám sm. 15 – 21 Nov 2015

portresburg f. gds. and nap. -byrig Porterville, a town 15 – 21 Nov 2015

ramrád sm. ‘ram-riding’; (also ramrídung sf.) 17 – 23 Apr 2016

rín sf. The Rhine Eormenredes Gesliht

rodeogeard sm. rodeo grounds 17 – 23 Apr 2016

rómburh sf. Rome, Rome-city; also Róm sm. Eormenredes Gesliht

rúm adj. unrestricted, free from conditions, etc.; here in a romantic sense single, carefree 7 Feb – 9 Apr 2016

ðá snáwbeorgas m. pl. The Sierra Nevada mountain range in California 15 – 21 Nov 2015

springastów sf. Springville, a small town 15 – 21 Nov 2015

ðéode mpl. ‘Deutsche’; Germans; Germany; ðéodisc German Eormenredes Gesliht

wælwulf sm. ‘slaughter-wolf’, terrorist 15 – 21 Nov 2015

weald-ambiht sn. the Forest Service 7 Feb – 9 Apr 2016

wildhors sn. bronco, ‘wild-horse’ 17 – 23 Apr 2016


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